Food Combining

Food Combination

Below are some basic food combinations that should guide how you eat most the time. Granted, there are times when this just doesn’t work – however the closer you pay attention to when and how you eat, your digestion should be working more optimally. In parenthesis are rough digestion times. Happy digesting!

1) Eat fruit alone! (1-2 hours); especially melon (15-30 min.)

2) Starches (beans, root vegetables, breads, cereals) pair well with vegetables (2-3 hours)

3) Protein (nuts, seeds, beans, flesh) pair with with vegetables (4 hours) *note: animal proteins take longer (~8 hours)*

4) Protein does NOT pair well with starches (i.e. egg & toast, nut butters & breads, nuts & grains)

5) Protein pairs well with grains

6) Protein does NOT pair with fruit (i.e. peanut butter & apples)

7) Starch and fruit do NOT pair well either

8) Avocado, as a fruit, pairs well with nearly everything! Add this nutritional powerhouse to anything and everything: smoothies, sushi, salads, spread on sandwiches/toast in place of butter/nut butter/or hummus.

9) Vegetables/greens pair with everything: have at it!

key takeaway: simple meals will always digest best. small portions, in correct combos, throughout the day will allow your system to digest in ease.


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