enjoy your organic diet

What we eat & how we eat is integral to our health. I believe that eating a clean diet and paying attention to some particulars (as noted in the other pages on food combining & pH), maximize your potential to be the healthiest, most vibrant person you were put on this Earth to be. So let’s eat healthy, shall we?

How I’ve come to eat today has certainly been a journey – a true ebb and flow if you will. As a child I was raised on homemade meals shared at the dinner table, all four of us (except for when Daddy-O was at the firehouse)… so thanks M & D! It’s no wonder I enjoy eating home prepared meals over dining out 98% of the time. I feel truly blessed that my most vivid childhood memories include homemade hummus, salads, homemade vegetable pasta sauce, stir-fry, & homemade pretzels! My parents raised us on REAL foods, amen!

Towards the end of high school I began to eliminate most meats and by the time I graduated I was eating only small amounts of chicken, fish, and sometimes pork or turkey (like my mom’s turkey meatloaf & Rockton Bar chicken – holy cow! two of the greatest meat dishes ever). My first semester of college included my first yoga class and like two peas in a pod – I became vegetarian. At first it was just vegetarian. Coinciding with my new love of yoga and the desire to live compassionately with myself, others, and the planet – I dove head first into the world of food politics, environmentalism, and vegetarian/veganism … and soon turned vegan. Much of this was spearheaded by John Robbins book  The Food Revolution. Amazing! This first attempt at vegan I tried to supplement with lots of soy products (i.e. tofu, soy yogurt, soy cheese, boca burgers, soy hot dogs… yuck!) After realizing that was definitely not healthy and made me feel horrible – I went back to vegetarian. I “ebbed” and I “flowed” with this as well – somewhere along the line I gave up cow’s milk, cheese most the time, and butter.

It wasn’t until I picked up the book The Raw Food Detox Diet did a lightbulb go off. Unfortunately I read it in the dead of a Chicago winter and combined with no  juicer = no true change in diet. However, the seed had been planted and I knew a mostly raw foods diet was exactly what I was aiming for. Then early summer of 2010 hit and my Mom and I decided we were going to make use of our recently inherited Grandma’s juicer. And this my friends, is when it all began. I felt I had just discovered life all over again – from a juicer!?! Daily juices and recently new dietary tips from The Raw Food Detox Diet, brought me to a whole new level of appreciation for food, my body, and the Earth. I loved how I felt juicing and eating mostly raw foods. I slept better, my skin was clear, my mind was clear, I felt grounded and I was HAPPY.

I don’t follow this diet strictly anymore and haven’t since starting grad school for multiple reasons (i.e. $$, stress, sometimes you just want cooked food in the middle of winter!).

Regardless of what your diet includes there are certainly things we should all aim for. My motto? GREENS, baby! Lots of greens, fresh vegetables & fruit. Avoid processed sugar (like the plague), gluten, and processed foods as much as possible. Drink lots of water and if juicing is up your alley, a daily green juice. Feel even better with daily exercise and meditation. Eating and living healthy is very easy, actually, but thanks to the industrialism, what is “healthy” is hard to decipher among the millions of products on supermarket shelves.

Oh, and I’ll say it again – avoid sugar! Avoid, avoid, avoid! Watch this if you want to hear it from experts.


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