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The less we purchase at a grocery store, the better. The more we rely on local and regional food and non-food items, even better. Local and regional markets generally require less fossil fuels for production, packaging, and transportation – a big plus for the quality of our environment. It also means your are supporting your local economy while ensuring the freshest & highest quality foods possible. What’s not to loose?

Lessening your reliance on grocery stores with a focus on local and regional means seeking alternative venues to sustain your diets. With local being such a niche market these days, options such as CSAs (community supported agriculture), farmer’s markets, co-ops, buying clubs, and food hubs are sprouting up more and more. Despite the growing popularity it can still be a challenge to know where and how to buy local foods. Below is a growing list of resources for each and every one of you to eat as fresh & local as possible.

Local Harvest: Excellent resource to search your area for markets, restaurants, co-ops, CSAs, & farms.

Eat Well Guide: Going on a roadtrip? This site makes it easy to search farmers’ markets, restaurants, and farms from point A to point B. There are plenty of options to search as well including vegetarian, sustainable meat, eggs, biodynamic farms, organics… this guide includes a myriad of options for a number of cities throughout the U.S… you name it, they have it!

Eat Wild: An great source for finding local grass-fed meat, eggs, dairy, and other wild edibles. This site also contains information on the benefits of pasture raised animals.

Eggzy: A growing nationwide network of local egg producers with a mission to make the food system personal again.

Home Grown Cow: Find local meat, dairy, & eggs from local farms that treat their animals humanely. You can search for farmers that practice free-range, grass-fed, are certified organic… take your pick. A GREAT way to support & encourage local farmers.

Local Dirt: Buy, sell, and find local food.

Localvore app for the iphone and Android


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