Late April Snow Showers

hello world. I’m writing from a warm nook in one of my favorite places to read, write, and drink this side of town. Mother Nature sure has been throwing us for a loop this year – early March I was writing about all those warm, sunny days and now its pouring rain, cold, and there is snow in the forecast for the rest of today. April showers (rain or snow) better bring more May flowers! I suppose I’ll just continue listening to this song.

Although I advocate for the “everyday is Earth Day” I hope you all took a moment yesterday to do something kind for our planet! If we don’t, we’re going to end up with more snow in spring and summer months. So let’s get on that.

Wouldn’t it be fun to wear Earth like this? Or not… but it’s a neat design, ya?

Typically Sunday mornings I’m up early to be at the yoga studio at 830 but given my need for rest, I took this weekend off. ’twas lovely to be able to sleep in a bit longer. Instead I woke up at 8 and ventured into town to visit Jeanne at Allegro Hearth Bakery. I had a cup of coffee while her and I gabbed in and out of her helping customers decide on which of the million delicious breads and bakery items to choose from.

Katie met me down at the bakery a bit later and we went up to Jeanne’s to grab Eddy (my favorite non-human running and walking companion!) and took her on a walk. We ventured through Squirrel Hill to campus and dropped Katie off at home. Eddy and I continued on our urban hike – literally as I was starting to feel gaspy for breath. I’m normally the fast walker but I had to begin tugging on her leash some to keep her from dragging me at a faster pace than I could handle.

Now I am sitting here, coffee in hand, urban agriculture literature spilling all over my work space, and distracting myself with pictures. Speaking of pictures – how did it take me this long to finally venture onto foodgawker?

I love the colors and textures in the picture below. I want this blown up and framed!


Squirrelin’ Around

My family has this thing for squirrels. I happen to think they are the cutest “rodent” around. In fact, as a child I often hoped to one day have a squirrel as a pet. My Dad, however, wouldn’t have it. He thinks they are just pesky vermins. Especially pine squirrels – aka nut grabbers.

Upon returning from Wisconsin after Christmas our fam had a gift awaiting our arrival – thanks to my mom’s friend Denise. Say hello to the newest addition to our family:

Ramon (named appropriately after my father, Ray)

Ramon is a our magnetic squirrel. He came with various outfits… depending how he wants to dress for the week. This week… cowboy Ramon.

And Pilot Squirrel!!

Yesterday my Mom sent me a picture of these squirrels chillin’ in an owl nest in a friend’s yard. See…. squirrels are cute!

Even if they are nut grabbers!