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Thank you for visiting my blog! I am a 27 year old from Chicago passionate about green juice, natural health, sustainable agriculture, running, yoga, and homesteading.

During my undergraduate years studying Human Nutrition & Dietetics, I realized I didn’t necessarily agree with what I was learning. Counting calories, following the USDA’s food guide, and 100-calorie pack snack packs are NOT what I consider healthy. Since receiving my degree, I have committed myself to understanding what real nutrition means. This means lots of self-education, working on three organic farms since 2009, and spending lots of time in the kitchen.

Love fresh, organic veggies!

Love fresh, organic veggies!

My food philosophy has changed throughout the years as I have explored with various diets. I’ve been vegetarian, pescetarian, vegan, raw vegan, gluten free, an omnivore… I’ve pretty much explored it all. Regardless of which “diet” I identified with at the time, it has always been rich in whole foods.  What I have come to realize is fresh, whole foods are the key to properly fueling our bodies. Everyone is built differently. What one person’s body needs may not be what someone else needs. Discovering what foods are best suited for you is so important… just because someone else is vegan, raw, or gluten-free does not necessarily mean it is healthy for you.

Here at Enjoy This Organic Life, I feature mostly vegan & gluten-free recipes. Every once in awhile you’ll come across something that is vegetarian friendly. It only goes to show that I myself am still exploring what foods are best for me. I hope you find some inspiration with the foods I love enough to share!

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*Disclaimer: I am NOT a certified nutritionist or health practitioner. All my opinions on this blog are entirely my own unless stated otherwise. If you have specific health concerns, please consult a professional.


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