Enjoy This Organic Life Has Exciting News For 2013!

I am excited to announce we have launched a completely redesigned site for Enjoy This Organic Life! The new site will focus on healthy recipes, nutritional information, as well as the provide the knowledge and tools to eat a nutritious, sustainable diet. The new design will allow readers to quickly access recipes categories and nutritional information. We have also implemented a new Facebook fan page that will and a new Pinterest account to give you more ways to enjoy the site. The Facebook page will feature all new posts and the Pinterest account will showcase all of the recipes of the site.

I want this transition to be as smooth as possible for my readers so please take note of the following important information:

URL: The new site address is: http://www.enjoythisorganiclife.com.

RSS: If you follow by RSS feed you WILL NEED to follow the new feed address: http://www.enjoythisorganiclife.com/rss

Email: If you follow posts via email you WILL NEED to add your address again. Go to http://www.enjoythisorganiclife.com/blog and re-enter your email address.

WordPress: If you follow me through WordPress, unfortunately, you will need to choose a new way to follow site

Facebook & Pinterest links can be found on the homepage of the new site.

A diet founded on natural foods nourishes your mind, body & soul. Nurturing our minds, bodies, and souls will allow us live our lives to their fullest potentials! Please join me at the my new site to make 2013 your healthiest year yet!

In Health,


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