I Am My Own Best Chef

As I take a break from packing up my belongings at the farm, I realize once again, I’m LEAVING! Wow, this season flew right by!  I am very excited to head back home with everything I have learned. It has been an incredibly insightful journey – I absolutely know I am leaving with the clearest vision I’ve ever had for what it is I am meant to do, what life it is I am meant to lead.

Although I am excited, I am slightly nervous. Why? Because I am leaving what I consider to be the best food in the world. I can count on one hand the amount of times I ate off farm the past six months: five. That’s right, five. And I have to say four out of those five I was disappointed. The one time I wasn’t I had fruit & mulled apple cider. Does that even count as eating out?? Anyways, the other times the food was way too salty. I know I am salt sensitive so I rarely ever use it but since when did chefs start using so much salt we can’t even taste the real flavor of the meal?

Because I want to eat the best quality of foods possible, prepare them simply, and know what the heck is in them… eating out doesn’t really appeal to me anymore. It is also difficult when I avoid gluten, sugar, most grains, dairy, meat, and salt. I want real food. I want quality food.  My body is my temple and I have to treat it with respect. As should you. This is why I believe I am my own best chef.

On that note I read this article last week about the prevalence of MSG at Whole Foods. I’m not a big fan of anything from a package, so this doesn’t affect me really, but is certainly something worth sharing! Know what you’re buying! Or better yet, make your own versions at home .

As we enter the winter months it is important to continue to eat well & stay active (especially with the holidays coming up!) If you live in the north, be sure to pay attention to your vitamin D intakes. Check out my guest post on vitamin D I wrote for my friend Johanna. I’ve been particularly aware of bone health the past few months as I was experiencing symptoms similar to arthritis in my right hand. The symptoms have more or less cleared, leading me to think it was just from overuse. However, maintaining healthy bones & joints is still a priority.

Eat well & nourish your soul!


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