Thirty-Six Years

Happy Anniversary to one heck of an amazing couple. To say I lucked out to have these two as my parents is an understatement. My Mom & Dad are forever the two greatest role models I could have ever asked for.

My Dad taught me to be a ‘tough little cookie’ and a hard worker. He continues, and always has, provided me the space, comfort, and openness to live my life to its fullest potential. He has shown me what it means to be a real man, to put your family first, no matter what. This man is Dedicated, with a capital D, to the Martinek clan. My Mom is lucky, my brother is lucky, I am lucky to be his ‘Daddy’s little girl’.

My Mom. Oh, I could write an entire novel on how important my Mom is to me. She is a woman who radiates wisdom, kindness, honesty, and wholesomeness . Through example my Mom has taught me how to live humbly, stay true to my heart, and enjoy in all the beauty of life. The older I get the more I realize how rare our relationship is – to say my Mom is one of my best friends isn’t something most girls get to say. For that, I am blessed. Her and I cherish our every moment together, which nowadays is far & few between, but we look so forward to the day, soon, I move back home near our farm in Wisconsin. I cannot wait to share in our farming and homesteading endeavors, together.

So, hats off to my Mom and Dad for thirty-six solid years of marriage. Together this amazing duo have shown me what it takes to raise a healthy, happy, and loving family.


2 thoughts on “Thirty-Six Years

  1. This is beautiful. My parents have also been together for a long time and taught me so much – we are so lucky to be blessed in this way. Your dad and mum look AWESOME! xx

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