Rain & Tears

Things are still going lovely here, despite my choice to write about some rain and my tears. We are harvesting more and more each week… suddenly our harvests, and plates, are exploding with lots of color and flavor diversity. It’s been quite exciting and amazing.

Notice, my excitement for green onions!

Courtney’s excitement (or mere shock of harvesting one nearly the size of her head) for turnips!

We’ve been enjoying the partnerships with local artisans and chefs as well… we have a close relationship with Owner and head chef, Yasser, of Artisanale, a local French inspired restaurant featuring seasonal, local foods. A few weeks ago the entire staff came out to the farm and prepared us dinner. We then all dined together, farmers & Artisanale staff, to enjoy in the beauty of local, organic foods – a true farm-to-table dinner. Yum! Last week we then went to Artisanale as a group to dine in Yasser’s space; lovely all around. And so very delicious.

Ok, so back to the title.

Tears: I am grateful I had a mini meltdown this afternoon before I went back to continue harvesting garlic after lunch. It caught me somewhat off guard but I’m so glad it came when it did. As I was walking into the back field to meet the rest of the team after I completed some greenhouse watering, I contemplated taking a short cut through the field and hedgerow, but decided to follow the path. As I approached the shed, I noticed Johann cleaning off a trailer on the tractor and he told me I could drive it to the field. I know I could have, but was clearly emotional, as two seconds later I was hanging over the edge of the trailer, face in hands, crying. One of the greatest parts of living at Whole Circle isn’t just the experience of farming, but the incredibly open and honest environment. I know I can express any & every emotion and feeling sans judgement. After a few words exchanged of why I was feeling upset, he simply put his arms around me and gave me a big hug. He allowed me to quite literally cry on his shoulder, without feeling the need to console through words. Understanding my needs, a simple embrace was all I really needed at the moment and he got that without me having to say anything. After going so long without crying – months!- it has felt so great to have had two solid tearful moments in the last week. I strongly believe in crying – it is so healthy and therapeutic – I welcome back an emotional and weepy self with open arms. As soon as we parted and he got on the tractor,  I recognized there was a reason I didn’t take that shortcut. Thank you, Johann.

Rain: It RAINED! And it’s currently raining again! We’ve been waiting, patiently for this to come for weeks now. Everyone and everything needs rain: the vegetables, the pastures, the animals, and what I have really come to realize – my body & soul. Endless sun and heat has left me feeling entirely run down somedays, physically and mentally. So, cooler temps, clouds, and rain = bliss! Sing a bit to the rain gods for us, we need more, lots more!

Both the rain and tears made my day and I’m heading to bed in a much brighter mood than I began with. Funny how that works.

Now, I am anxiously awaiting my parents visit in less than 48 hours!