Runner of Steel

Despite my two injuries I powered through Pittsburgh’s half marathon this morning – earning the title as a runner of steel among 25,000 other dedicated runners. It turned out to be a great race and I even finished 20 minutes earlier than I anticipated. I started out with Molly to provide moral support – help settle her nerves as she was doing her first full – but we promptly got separated at the first fluid station somewhere around mile 3. Here’s us before the race and before we (I) felt like death:

Upon finishing I felt great – had a massage and iced my knee stat. However, heat stroke symptoms (?) slowly started to settle in and I pretty much felt like complete crap until later in the evening. I had the worst headache I’ve ever had, was shaky, out of it, and all around nervous to move – afraid I was going to pass out. I was forcing food down which included 3 bananas (i never want a banana again), 2 small bagels (completely against my will), a fruit cup (against my will again), along with tons and tons of water but nothing was working. All I wanted was to be home in bed, darkness, and somewhere cold. I was waiting for molly until about 1 – which pretty much sucked since it entailed being in the heat and sun. But it was so worth it to run over and give her teary-eyed self a giant hug and shed a tear of joy with her. I am soo proud of her! I am already looking forward to finishing the full 26.2 next year – I just pray it won’t be as darn sunny and warm.

Thankfully later this evening I felt better after more food, cold washcloths on my forehead, iced tea, a shower, and a spur of the moment decision to get dinner out … and now I’m back to feeling normal and ready to take on my busy week. By Friday I’ll be packed up, moved out and almost ready to be leaving Pittsburgh – so bittersweet!!


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