DIY Almond Milk

I’m a big fan of almond milk. An even bigger fan of making my own with REAL raw almonds. Don’t trust those labels at stores! Even bags of almonds labeled ‘raw’ and/or ‘organic’ have been pasteurized. It is required that all almonds grown in the U.S. are treated whether through a steam chamber (organic) or gas treatment (non-organic). Yeah… no thanks! (below I have a link to order raw almonds)

How to make Almond Milk:

Overnight soak 1 cup of almonds. In the morning, drain, rinse and toss almonds in the blender. Add 3 cups of water.

Blend for a minute or two.

Strain with a fine mesh strainer, cheesecloth, or any other device you can think of that will separate the liquid from the pulp. Set aside almond pulp and save for another use. Optional to put milk back in blender and add a touch of pure vanilla extract and/or natural sweetener. I added a few drops of vanilla plus 1 packet of stevia. Keep refrigerated in a tightly sealed jar. Will stay fresh for 3-5 days. Due to a shorter shelf life – make milk in small batches to keep it from going funky.

So fresh & so delicious. Nothing compares! And this comes without any added preservatives and funky, unnecessary ingredients.

In case you are interested in ordering raw almonds check out this website. It’s either order online or head out to Cali and get ’em directly from a farmer. Option two is quite tempting!


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