Highlights Of My Week

A few of my favorite things this mid week of February:

Simple juices… real simple. Like 1 to 4 ingredients and I’m done.

Top favorite??



I woke up this morning not really looking forward to my day that set to begin at the doctors office. I turned my sleepy frown upside down immediately with the help of three grapefruits. Peeled & juiced to perfection. Not too sweet, not too bitter… and just so happens to result in the prettiest shade of pink. A mason jar full of pink juice is certain to make anyone smile :)

Another fave: the quintessential OJ!


My friend Anna just introduced me to frozen, unpasteurized OJ from Whole Foods. Put it in the fridge overnight and wake up to a half juice/half slush beverage that is wonderfully hydrating.

Spin class. Love, love, love! Yet I’m convinced spin instructors are on crack. I don’t know how they lead these workouts while dancing (bike style) & singing simultaneously. Waving their hands around in the air… I’m lucky if I don’t face plant with both hands holding on and my feet strapped in. Crack or no crack though, I’m glad they are up there kicking my behind.

Night bike rides. Chilly but invigorating.

Multi-colored popcorn.

Farm fresh eggs in my fridge. Complete with feather remnants stuck on the shell.

Class outing to the Heinz History Center. So much history packed into this place! Another Pittsburgh gem.

NYC next week!

Chicago in two weeks!

and this song.


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