Squirrelin’ Around

My family has this thing for squirrels. I happen to think they are the cutest “rodent” around. In fact, as a child I often hoped to one day have a squirrel as a pet. My Dad, however, wouldn’t have it. He thinks they are just pesky vermins. Especially pine squirrels – aka nut grabbers.

Upon returning from Wisconsin after Christmas our fam had a gift awaiting our arrival – thanks to my mom’s friend Denise. Say hello to the newest addition to our family:

Ramon (named appropriately after my father, Ray)

Ramon is a our magnetic squirrel. He came with various outfits… depending how he wants to dress for the week. This week… cowboy Ramon.

And Pilot Squirrel!!

Yesterday my Mom sent me a picture of these squirrels chillin’ in an owl nest in a friend’s yard. See…. squirrels are cute!

Even if they are nut grabbers!


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