Heart Healthy Juices

Just a few months ago I thought the idea of juicing GARLIC was appalling. Like seriously who in their right mind would consider putting one of the smelliest foods into their juice? Back in December I finally gave it a whirl on a day I knew I wasn’t required to venture into public anytime soon. So into one of my regular green juices I threw in a clove of fresh, locally grown garlic…

and the verdict was…

delicious! One clove to ~16-20 ounces is enough.

The taste is very subtle and not at all overpowering. It is an excellent way to load up on all the benefits of garlic without suffering with the subsequent garlic breath! ;)

Another fun veg to add is a jalapeno! If it wasn’t for Chelsea’s bravery I would have never thought to do this (or at least would never have tried it).

Making sure to combine it with a sweeter juice, I juiced up the following:

1 apple
1/3 jalapeno (seeds & all)

Sip slowly at first… make sure the ratios are to your preference and that your mouth doesn’t catch on fire. Or your lips. It’s like salsa in a juice. Oddly delicious.


3 thoughts on “Heart Healthy Juices

  1. Hmmm, interesting, but a good idea. Garlic is good for so many things. I love it cooked, but I don’t know if it does as much good that way. This is a great way to get some raw garlic in your diet. Thanks for the tip!

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