If I could sum up in one word that conveys what is most alive in me right now, that word would be grateful.

I am grateful for…

… my family. My parents and brother are my world and without them I’d be lost. Without my Mom I would not have my best friend & mentor, without my Dad I’d have no reason to google “toilet paper obsession” (just kidding! he’s my hero :)), and without Brian I would not have a friend who thinks I’m a complete nutcase yet still loves me (I have a feeling he isn’t the only one).

… my friends. Near & far – I have a community of friends whom I wouldn’t trade for anything. My friends continue to strengthen my character, inspire me, and remind me how it is the little things in life that count.

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… my faith. I believe in believing.

… my health.

… everything. The good & the bad. ’cause the bad just teaches me how to love the good.

… the ability to live, love, and laugh. You can never have enough.


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