P’Burgh Happenings

Part of my overwhelming excitement to move to Pittsburgh (aside from school) was discovering what my new community has to offer to me. I came here with a whole list of places & organizations I wanted to involve myself with. Two priorities on that list were a) yoga studio & b) raw foods group. I did a bit of research and took on a work exchange with a hot yoga studio,Yoga Flow, just a few minutes from me & campus. They have such a gorgeous studio sans mirrors! It’s been awhile since I did yoga without mirrors and I love it. My concentration is so much better without mine and everyone else’s reflections. The hardest part is getting to and from the studio: the combo of a one gear bike plus many many HILLS is difficult. It involves a lot of huffing and puffing… and cursing under my breath…

After having such a great experience in Hawaii with fellow hikers found through Meetup.com, I decided to see what Pittsburgh meetup community had. I was pleasantly surprised to find a raw foods group with just under 500 members! What?! I would have never thought. PLUS they were hosting an event Labor Day weekend that I was able to attend. Double bonus! So a fellow raw foodie and classmate of mine drove out to Frankferd Farm this Saturday to attend an informational discussion on the family owned farm’s organic store/bulk warehouse, followed by a raw foods potluck in their barn. It was wonderful! Despite it being very hot and humid-like you don’t have to lift a finger and you’re drenched in sweat kind of day-it was such a wonderful afternoon. I met wonderful people, had great conversations, and most importantly enjoyed lots of delicious food. My contribution was wild rice with mushrooms & spiced mango chutney. Considering I had never made this before or even made anything with soaked rice… it turned out to be a success worth sharing. Everyone really enjoyed it… came home with an empty bowl!

The prep for this dish was very easy. Soak 1 C of wild rice for at least 24 hours. The longer you soak the rice, the softer it becomes mimicking cooked. After having soaked rice to your preference, drain rice with a mesh colander and give it a good rinse. Add to a med-large mixing bowl, set aside.

For the spiced mango chutney (adapted from Sunny Raw Kitchen) you will need:
1 medium mango
1 tsp minced ginger
2 tsp lemon juice
1 tsp apple cider vinegar
1/2 tsp cumin
pinch of salt

Dice mango and place in small mixing bowl. In a blender, add remaining ingredients & blend on high for a few minutes & then add to mango. Add chutney to rice and stir to combine. Next add chopped mushrooms (crimini or portobello), raisins, diced dried apricots, and 2 tbsp chopped cilantro. Mix well. Preparing this dish ahead of time will allow the flavors to marinade together. Although if you can’t hold out it is just as good right away :)


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