Namaste. I love this word; so simple yet profound. For those who are unfamiliar with this term, it is sanskrit and can be defined somewhere along the lines of “the divinity in me honors the divinity in you”. “Nama” = bow, “as” = “I”, and “te” = you. Beginning and ending ones yoga practice involves bringing your hands to heart center, bowing forward, honoring yourself & teacher while saying “namaste”. Something as simple as honoring the good in yourself and teacher (whether it actually be an instructor, the universe, or the person next to you) brings about a powerful sense of gratitude. I particularly love this quote in Yoga Journal from Aadil Palkhivala, “For a teacher and student, Namaste allows two individuals to come together energetically to a place of connection and timelessness, free from the bonds of ego-connection. If it is done with deep feeling in the heart and with the mind surrendered, a deep union of spirits can blossom.” Surrendering the mind, letting go of one’s ego, and honoring that around you is inspiring-to say the least.

So I propose to you if you haven’t already done so today… bring your hands to heart center, bring awareness to your breath, and bow forward saying namaste to whoever or whatever you feel strongest about right now. You’ll be giving and receiving powerful energy that will be sure to make your heart shine.


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