Agave Nectar… Too Good to Be True

What is one of the greatest contributors to weight gain, disease, diabetes, and a handful of other health ailments: SUGAR! Sugar comes in many forms, alias’ on labels, and is a sneaky little bugger in many foods. Sugar reeks havoc in our body… and not just for those with diabetes! As humans we are driven towards sweets as our mother’s breast milk is sweet from the carbs and a general rule with foraging for food in nature: sweet = edible, bitter = toxic! However, despite our innate drive to sweets, there is always the healthier alternative…

A year ago I removed processed sugars from my diet and have never looked back. Easier than I thought given the sweet tooth I unfortunately have. The only sweeteners I have in the house are raw honey and stevia. I once believed agave – even raw agave- were a legit alternative to sugar but thankfully I became weary of this highly processed sweetener before its evils were revealed. I have come across many readings lately why agave does not deserve the praise it once had (especially for diabetics saying it doesn’t spike the blood sugar as rapidly as other sugars) but this Agave article on Food Renegade nipped it in the butt. I won’t purchase agave anymore but if it happens to be in a dish prepared while eating out or is the sweetener used in a raw prepared dessert than so be it. You gotta live a little and let’s be honest… small amounts aren’t gonna kill ya.

Stay tuned for a more in-depth post on sugar and its negative effects and how you can eliminate it from your diet. Your body WILL thank you. In the mean time read this article and remember to not always believe what a *processed* food claims to be.


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