Summer at the Farm

Summer is flying flew by! Before my move TODAY, I snuck in a trip to my farm last weekend. Four days of family, good friends, great food & local WI brews, and farms… hard to beat it!

Last Friday my Mom and I picked Brian up from work and took a different route to our farm-venturing off the highway for some scenery and the Brat Stop outside Kenosha, WI. If you ever have a hankering for PBR bottle or football shaped sausages and any flavored cheese curd you could imagine … go here. For dinner we stopped in Madison at the Green Owl Café. This vegan & vegetarian friendly café had excellent food (hummus & kale chips were fantastic!) and the décor was simple, tasteful and highlighted with cute owls throughout. We arrived at the farm in time to share some beverages with our good family friends Nora & Grace Pedersen and friend Emily.

On Saturday Brian, Grace, Nora, Emily, and I loaded up the bikes and headed out to the Elroy-Sparta Bike Trail. Starting out it was nice & sunny but Mother Nature had other plans in store for us. By the time we finished we rode through two downpours that left us all soaked & VERY muddy. Needless to say, it was my favorite ride on the trail in all the years I’ve been riding it. These pictures don’t even capture how wet & dirty we were.



After we returned home and showered we tapped into some delicious Spotted Cows while grilling dinner with the ‘rents. We made a cucumber & tomato salad (thanks to my friend Kristin’s abundance of DELICIOUS tomatoes from her garden!Thanks Kris!), grilled corn, spinach salad, roasted brussel sprouts (compliments of Grace) and grilled chicken for the carnies. We finished just in time to head back up the ridge to the Pedersen’s farm and catch the sunset…

My cousin Avis drove up that evening & met us up the ridge for the last bit of light & moonrise, s’mores & ghosts stories around the fire and Scattegories.

Sunday entailed more biking, grilling, scenic drives around SW Wisco, and a guilty pleasure of Keeping Up With the Kardashians to fall asleep to. Monday a.m. I took A on her first official tour of the farm via ATV. We just had the property logged so it was looking a bit barren throughout but still remains packed with beautiful pine trees & fields of wildflowers.

We said our goodbyes to my Dad as he was busy tractorin’ around…

…and headed into Madison. Quick stop at Willy Street Coop for kombucha & I found a seed bomb dispenser! Instead of gumballs… throw in two quarters to spread some wildflower lovin’. Great idea!

We spent the afternoon in Madison doing a little thrifting on State St. & had a tasty dinner at the Sunroom Café. I tried my new fave local WI brew… Madtown Nutbrown Ale. Perfection in a pint!

Now that I am in Pittsburgh I will have to find the perfect location to throw my seed bomb… oh where oh where do I spread some Madison wildflower love in this city?


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