Marinated Broccoli, Garden Salad & Dijon Cider Dressing

Today I was craving a fresh, simple salad. Now that I moved back to my parent’s house until my move to PITTSBURGH (yippppee) next week, I am reunited with all the fresh herbs and poor excuse for veggies on the porch! But a few tomatoes are better than none, right???

In my salad went:

From Whole Foods:
-Red Leaf Lettuce
-Red & Yellow Pepper

Locally Sourced:
-Carrots (Nichols Farm & Orchard)
-Radishes (Nichols)

From my backyard:
-Dino Kale
-Tomatoes… these were incredible!

I’ve been craving tahini dressing (recently I enjoyed two really excellent ones from Heartland Cafe and another place that is slipping my mind right now. Unfortunately I need to soak my sesame seeds at least 12 hours before I make my homemade tahini so I chose the next best: dijon cider. I adapted this simple recipe from Natalia Rose. Toss the following ingredients into a blender for a few seconds for a very refreshing, light dressing.

yield: reused hot sauce jar

While I was preparing this salad I was really hungry so I snacked on some marinated broccoli. It a great combination of flavors but I don’t have an exact recipe as I just threw the following in a bowl with chopped broccoli stalk and florets:

-about 3 tbsp flax oil
-few dashes of tamari
-about 1-2 tbsp curry powder
-about 1/4 tsp garam masala

This was enough for a medium size head of broccoli. Adjust to your likings as always! Allow the broccoli to marinate for a least 4 hours or overnight so the broccoli softens and soaks in the flavors.


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