>Sleeping Naked is Green!!

>Just finished Sleeping Naked is Green, and I can’t help but mention how this book has inspired me to “green” a bit more in my own life. With the tag line “how an eco-cynic unplugged her fridge, sold her car, and found love in 366 days” this book sums up a year in the life of a 20-something Canadian reporter & film critic who makes a change everyday for an entire year to live more sustainably and “greener”. Vanessa Farquaharson is brutally honest and nothing short of hilarious in her story of changes, ranging from easy to those a tad more drastic, such as selling her car. I was able to pull many ideas and inspirations from this great read. Some that I am starting or re-enforcing in my life include:

1) No more tissues-switch to organic cotton handkerchiefs: I grew up so grossed out by my Dad’s hankies. Even recently I cringed when my Mom was using one… blowing your nose in a cloth and then reusing it? Kind of gross. But if you aren’t sick and blowing your nose every 5 seconds, I think this is a simple change to make. I certainly don’t enjoy seeing the garbage can pile up with snot rags that head to the landfill. Instead they’ll be washed and reused. yippee!
2) Diva Cup. For life. ’nuff said.
3) No more Q-tips. You’re techniqually not suppose to shove those in your ears anyways.
4) No more to-go cups or take out containers. I am already pretty good about this. I limit my consumption of plastics and disposable crap as much as possible. Even if it is biodegradable and not plastic, I still am not having it. I can manage without, thank you very much.
5) No more gum. While I may offend someone if I ate too much garlic-sorry ahead of time- I need to give up this horrible habit that is full of artificial sweeteners, colors and derived from petroleum.
6) Register with Freecycle. Who doesn’t like free stuff?
7) No more nailpolish. I already gave up regular nailpolish a long time ago. All the chemicals made me feel like I was loosing thousands of brain cells in a mere few minutes it took to paint (and I probably was). I don’t care enough about my nail color to loose precious smart cells. I’d rather stay in the nude.
8) Drink only loose leaf tea in a reusable tea infuser. I’m half way there. And I vow to compost any tea bags when I’m in a pinch.
9) Air dry all clothes. I have been slacking the past few years due to pure laziness I suppose. & too I usually need to shrink my clothes so they fit right.
10) No more disposable straws.
11) Use a rain barrel to collect rain water. Once I’m settled into P’burgh, it’s on!
12) No more Post-Its.
13) Drink local. Local as in 250 miles.
14) & oh yes! sleep naked! However I can’t do that yet. Not appropriate as I am currently camping out in my brother’s living room.

There are definitely more changes that I will embark on as soon as I live on my own. & too I don’t need to go into THAT much detail about those that are a wee bit personal. Regardless, I’m eager to switch up some of my practices and discover what I learn. I highly recommend this book. Check your local library (it is in Chicago’s Public Library circulation), buy used on amazon or just buy and share with someone else!
Happy greening!


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