>Dane Co. Farmer’s Market

>What better way to spend a Saturday than in one of the greatest cities -Madison, WI- at the Farmers Market!? That is how I enjoyed this past weekend after walking the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer 5K with my Mom & good friend Elizabeth. After the walk we drove to the center of town, refueled at Barrique’s Coffee Shop and spent the next couple hours roaming the market & State St. First order of business……. HONEY! from Gentle Breeze Honey. This time around my Mom & I opted for the spun wildflower. More bitter in flavor and darker in color than our usual purchase from them.

There were so many beautiful seedlings and flowers!

There was a special cow event happenin’ off the main drag featuring lots of….you guessed it….cheeeeese! I loved this massive rotating grilled cheese making device. A grilled cheese lovers paradise.

After our quick detour to the street of cheese, we ventured back to indulge in more flowers, plants, and local veggies. Our purchases included radishes, asparagus, garlic onion, yellow tomatoes, pickling cukes, swiss chard, a rare red leaf lettuce variety, and popcorn.

What a gorgeous Capitol Building in the center of market!

This man has got the right idea…

…and these guys were certainly making some good beats!


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