>With more and more people interested in the green juices I carry around with me I figure I’ll post some more combinations. yummmmmmmm!

If you are looking for an affordable juicer check out Jack LaLanne, available at CostCo for only $80. I have a Jack LaLanne that is still going strong even after being put through hell. Amazon also is a great resource for juicers. Depending on what your budget is and what you are looking for, I am sure you will find what you need.

1 broccoli stalk
3-5 stalks of celery
1/2-1 cucumber (peeled if not organic, otherwise toss it all in)
1 apple or 1 pear (cored)
1 lemon (whole)
Few handfuls of spinach, romaine, red leaf, kale, or chard
Nub of ginger

*like I have mentioned in the other juice post, I like to add a few pieces of pineapple if I feel it needs to be sweetened or a few carrots. Lately though I’ve been trying to limit the sweeter veggies/fruits and stick to mostly green.

If you like ginger and carrots this is another excellent juice I’ve been diggin’:

6-10 carrots
chunk of ginger

*these alone are excellent! Add half a lemon and/or one apple if desired.


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