>My future home

>A couple weeks ago my Dad and I took a quick trip to Pittsburgh, PA-home to Chatham University-aka grad school. At the end of August I begin their MAFS program (Master of Arts in Food Studies). While I find there is something nostalgic about your typical classroom setting, this program steps outside these boundaries and encorporates their 388 acre Eden Hall Campus as our “classroom”. What better way to learn the methods of sustainable agriculture and gardening than hands-on out in a garden!? The program director calls the students that received their bachelors in nutrition “refugees”… I love this! So I will be learning from the best of both worlds…

My Dad & I in front of Eden Hall barn.


Aside from Chatham having a gorgeous campus, the city itself pleasantly surprised me. The neighborhoods are full of independent boutiques, coffee shops, and cafes… loved that a Starbucks was NOT at every corner. I made it a point to visit both campuses and the East End Food Coop. I feel I will be spending lots of time (and money) at East End… with a great bulk section, vegetarian cafe, and juice bar… I’m hooked. I can’t wait to be a member!

In June my Mom and I will trek there for about a week to find an apartment, sign a lease, and hit up all the thrift stores along the way. How exciting! I can’t wait to show her everything and have her meet the program director as well as see PIttsburgh in the summer :)


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