>Banana Soft Serve…oh so goood!

>Sometimes I find myself craving TCBY frozen yogurt like CRAZZZZYYYY. I can’t deny how much I miss a big bowl of soft serve every once and awhile. A big bowl loaded with sprinkles….. my absolute favorite!

An alternative I have to regular soft serve (or ice cream) is homemade frozen dessert made with frozen bananas. Toss a few in a blender or food processor, blend for a few minutes or so until a fabulous thick, ice cream like consistency is achieved. By itself like this it is soo good. IF though you are in the mood for some chocolate… whip up some homemade chocolate sauce to put on top. In a blender mix 6 tablespoons of raw cacao powder with 1 cup agave nectar or 100% maple syrup. Drizzle, or in my case drench, the top. Nutmeg or cinnamon adds a wonderful touch as well.


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