>Calculate Your Nitrogen Footprint

>Most of us are familiar with the “carbon footprint” concept, but now there is a nitrogen calculator that was released just last month. Take a moment to read this short & to the point article about nitrogen and its contribution to climate change. If you’d rather have it read to you, click on the four minute audio presentation of the article.

Compared to the average U.S. citizen that has a food consumption N rating of 66 lbs, I’m happy to know my score was only 26 lbs. Biggest contributor to that is exactly what is now well known: one of the greatest ways to minimize your impact through diet is to reduce your intake of animal product. I’m not here to preach vegan or vegetarianism. Realistically I don’t believe the answer is a world of vegans… my belief is simple. Keep it local, support sustainable, and all things in moderation. Less IS more.

Nitrogen Calculator


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