>RAW Foods 101

>I guess it only makes sense that with my interest in nutrition, farming, and natural living, I have ventured into the wonderful world of raw foods. I have developed a serious love affair with healthy food; I am that person who gets more excited to see a beautiful bunch of kale or swiss chard than buying a new pair of shoes. Nature is truly miraculous and an incredible provider of nourishment, so to me it’s common sense to eat in a manner than connects me most intimately with nature: raw. While I am not 100% raw, nor ever plan to be, I feel healthiest and most energized when at least 85% of my daily intake is raw. With a little trial and error this past year, I now follow a few simple principles that are easy to maintain and allow for flexibility. By posting recipes and providing health benefits of various foods, I hope to spread the knowledge & enjoyment of healthy, raw foods. Maybe knock out a few preconceived notions. So for those who think this diet is limited to eating cold vegetables…. there is so much you have to learn! & eat!

The theory behind a raw foods diet is to consume food in its natural, least altered state to allow for optimal digestion and absorption of nutrients. This means foods uncooked, untreated, and unadulterated. To ensure the liveliness of nutrients and enzymes, foods are not heated above 118 degrees. One great component is that one can lead an omnivore lifestyle while staying raw. The omnivore route includes raw cheeses, milks, fish, eggs, yogurts, etc. I feel both are equally nutritious and you just have to choose what vibes best with your body & values. One day when I have my own goats I do want to be reaping the benefits of their raw milk and cheese. Until then, I’m sticking to vegan. Consuming fresh vegetables and fruits, nuts, seeds, legumes, sprouted grains/beans, and oils are the core of the diet (raw animal product if desired).

An easy way to begin to incorporate raw foods into your diet is with a juicer. Once I changed my morning routine from a big breakfast to green juices & fruit I knew there was no turning back. What better way to start your day than by infusing your system with vitamins, minerals, and enzymes! So invigorating. Fresh juices, loaded with lots of greens, are an excellent cleanse for the entire body. Even if this is the only change you can imagine making in your diet, I highly recommend juicing or making green smoothies. It is an easy and surprisingly very delicious way to eat greens, one thing many people lack.

There are many recipes I’ll begin posting this week that are real simple to make & even easier to enjoy. Check back soon!


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