>Tailfeather Designs Jewelry

>Prior to my arrival at Greenleaf, I had been on a quest to find the perfect pair of feather earrings. I had fallen in love with the recent trend of feather jewelry yet could not seem to find the right pair that “spoke” to me. As my Mom always says, “Patience is a virtue” and that absolutely holds true for how I came to be part of Tailfeather Designs. The first week I was on the farm I ventured into town for the Wednesday farmers market in Makawao. Waiting for my friends to finish their purchases, I came across the PERFECT feather earrings. Affordable AND gorgeous…. finally!! Only I had no cash. I started talking with the designer, Liat, about how I’d have to return next Wednesday. One thing led to another and I walked away that afternoon having been offered an apprenticeship with her. I now am a partner with Tailfeather Designs and have loved every second of learning how to design and make her jewelry. I am thrilled to be a part of her business and look forward to taking it back with me to Chicago & Pittsburgh. Feel free to check out the website and facebook page. Custom designs are available too!

Tailfeather Designs Facebook

Tailfeather Designs


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