>So I’ve been living on Greenleaf Farm now for close to five weeks. Time truly does go fast when you’re having FUN! There is so much I have done and learned in these five weeks; it is exciting to see what the next couple months will bring. Greenleaf is located in the Upcountry of Maui, around 2,000 feet elevation… creating the ideal weather conditions especially for farming. The days are warm and nights are cool… if we are looking for a hot sunny afternoon all we have to do is drive 15 minutes down the highway to sea level. Not too bad!

Greenleaf is a 2 acred permaculture farm that grows for both the farmers market and CSA. There are three main gardens: Herb, Cloud, and Market. All throughout the property are fruit trees: avocado, banana, orange, cherimoya, tangerine, lime, lemon, mulberry, grapefruit, pomelo, papaya, loquat, and a couple other I’m still trying to learn how to pronounce. Some of the other smaller gardens have pineapple, yacon, and taro. There are so many herbs, fruits, and vegetables all over… I am still discovering new things everyday. Although I have an affinity to the veggies and fruits, my favorite part is the CHICKENS! Chicken behavior is so interesting and if I’m ever in need of a quick smile or laugh, I just have to go hang with the ladies for a minute. Truly the best entertainment.

Once a week we have a community dinner that includes the WWOOFers plus Bill & Marta. Marta and I have the same love for raw foods and desserts; it has been great collaborating with her in the kitchen. Endless creations can be made with a dehydrator, blender, juicer and a creative mind. Not to mention all the fresh farm ingredients and local goodies like macadamia nuts and coconut! The raw desserts we have made have been OUTSTANDING. yum yum yum. Seconds are highly encouraged.

If I started trying to sum up my experiences and this place I’d probably write for days, so as I continue with future posts I’ll be sure to fill in gaps. Enjoy some pictures of the farm!